Publications 2009

Use of DNA Markers for Fingerprinting Compact Clones and Determining the Genetic Relationship between Elaeis oleifera Germplasm Origins
E. Araya1, A. Alvarado1, R. Escobar
Exploitation of Gene Rich Sequences for Improved Oil Palm Productivity
Rajinder Singh, Leslie Low Eng Ti, Leslie Ooi Cheng Li, Chan Pek Lan, Meilina Ong Abdullah and Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir
Decoding the Oil Palm Genome
W. W. Lee and S. C. Cheah
Development of DNA-based Markers for Oil Palm Breeding at Sime Darby
Harikrishna K1, Bakoume C, Praveena and Mohaimi
Screening Natural Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Populations Using SSR Markers
Claude Bakoumé1, Ratnam Wickneswari1, Nookiah Rajanaidu2, Ahmad Kushairi2,Norbert Billotte3
Genetic Diversity Study of Elaeis guineensis germplasm using EST-SSRs
Zulkifli, Y., Maizura, I. and Rajinder S.
Allelic Diversity and Relatedness of Wild Elaeis oleifera Populations Using Microsatellite Markers
Teh, C. K.1, Maizura, I.2, Bakoume, C.3 and Wickneswari, R.1
ID Checking by Microsatellite Type Markers (SSR) During the oil Palm Variety Selection and Production Processes
T. Durand-Gasselin (3), N. Billotte (2), V. Pomies (1), G. Mastin (1), F. Potier (1), P. Amblard (3), A. Flori (1) and B. Cochard (1).1
Developing a DNA database of Felda’s critical breeding palms
Seng, T.Y., Siti Hawa, M.S, Junaidah, J. Chin, C.W. and Sharifah, S.R.S.A.
Genetic Diversity among Oil Palm Parental Genotypes Revealed by Microsatellite Polymorphism and its Relationship to Progeny Performance
Norziha, A1*; Rafii, MY**; Maizura, I* and Mohd Din, A*
Marker-assisted breeding in crops: wheat and bambara groundnut as two contrasting examples of progress
Sean Mayes1, Florian Stadler4, Gracia Ribas-Vargas1, Shravani Basu1, Festo Massawe2,Aurélie Bonin5, Chiew Foan Chin2, Neil Graham3, Martin Broadley1, Sean May3, Andrzej Kilian5, Jeremy Roberts1 , John Foulkes1 and Sayed Azam-Ali2
Genomewide Selection in Oil Palm: Increasing Selection Gain per Unit Time and Cost with Small Populations
C.K. Wong • R. Bernardo1
Cytogenetics Applications in Oil Palm Breeding: MPOB Experience
Maria Madon
Prediction of Genetic Value for Oil Performance Using BLUP
Yurna Yenni, Nasrullah, and Abdul Razak Purba
Value of geographical origin and parental genealogy in the Selection of Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in Côte d’Ivoire
Désiré Allou 1, 2*, Benjamin Adon 2, Eugene Konan 2, Tristan Durand-Gasselin 3, Simon- Pierre N’Guetta Assanvo 1, Claude Bakoumé4, Abdourahamane Sangare 2 1i